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When I use an incorrect email ID (in my case I misspelt it), it was giving me an error:"That Microsoft account doesn\’t exist. Enter a different account or get a new one."I was just not able to proceed further without entering the correct one.So in this case, what I do is to use the correct account and get into Windows. Then I create a new user (as Admin) with a name I like, switch to it and then delete the user created with Microsoft Account. Or, I use the built-in Administrator to delete the Microsoft account user and create a new one with the name I like.But this is very annoying. I don\’t understand why Microsoft wouldn\’t allow the user to choose the name he/she wants during setup.

Hello everyone!I tried the Alt F4 and fn alt f4 and it does not work for me. Any solution to bypass Setting up Windows 11 without an Internet connection? I am one of those people who would like to set up a custom user name. Thank you!

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