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I bought a Bluetooth Transmitter off amazon.The goal is to use the adapter as a bluetooth \”line-in\” When I turn on the bluetooth transmitter, windows gives me this prompt:ImageWhich results in the transmitter appearing under my Audio devices:ImageBut the bluetooth adapter doesn\’t appear to realize that it has connected. It continues to flash blue and red.Opening up the Sound Panel (to check if it is working) immediately cases it to hang(and sometimes it disables the Windows Audio service)ImageThe hanging persists until the adapter auto shutdowns due to be disconnected for so long. Sometimes I\’m able to get into the adapter\’s settings and enable the \”Listen\” checkbox, but I get no audio. This is the second Bluetooth transmitter to do something similar. Is what I\’m doing not possible?

A BT Transmitter is essentially just a pair of BT Headphones, with the speakers replaced with an Audio Jack. They should work without issues

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