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So I\’ve searched and only found info on WIMBoot for Win8.1 that decreases the size of the install.Then I found something else about Win10 using compact.exe…but that is after windows has been installed. Is it even possible to install windows 10 on a 16GB ssd?EDIT: I didn\’t give enough details originally and people went off wild on it.I am trying to convert a Chromebook to Win10 and am wondering if I can first try it out on the stock 16GB ssd that is in the machine. It uses a m.2 2242 SSD which cost more and are harder to find. So I want to try and run it on the stock drive and see how it runs before actually ordering a bigger drive.

Let me teach you how to google. I entered windows 10 minimum requirements and this microsoft site was first on the list. Imagine that. … ifications

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