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Might sound silly here but I think I had to install Windows once ever, which was like 15 years ago or something.I want to buy used laptop to keep at the cottage or wherever. Something that can play movies and surf the web on the TV via HDMI. No gaming. Will also buy wireless keyboard and mouse so we can control it from the couch. So spending no more than $150.If I buy one from Kijiji, I assume the seller would have reset it to factory? Does that mean it\’ll still have Windows installed but I can just create a profile and log in? Or do I have to make sure they have the WIndows software CD and install myself? Regardless, I assume I should only buy one that comes with the Windows disc?Thanks for the help.

All that would help. Who knows what the seller will do or how savvy they are. Reset means HD content should be factory fresh though the caveat about malware applies. The recovery/OEM media is stored in a partition of the original HD. Haven\’t seen an OS install disk from Vista onward: You had to burn, if you wished, the install media onto DVDs or a USB key drive.I got a disk-less (or HD-removed) computer a few weeks ago. Stuck in the hardly-used OEM HD from a Dell into it (with Vista which of course didn\’t work). Got a Win 7 UG disk, then Win 8.1 Pro and then finally Win 10. Might want to low-level format the drive it comes with – if you get one – to purge it of malware (or to be safe, install an SSD – a small one is cheap).If you get one with the OS, I would install Win 10 over it (if you wish) and have Win 10 activated, then format the drive and reinstall (the UG requires an (activated) earlier version of Windows). Once registered, subsequent installs are activated.The MS wireless keyboard with touchpad works very nicely for your intended application.

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