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My windows 10 laptop has become dead slow & i need to do a Factory Reset now.Looking for the most efficient ways…Start->settings->Update & Security menu has a few options where you can remove all files & proceed Question is, how do i get back to windows 10 which came up with my laptop. Any recommended approach or tips appreciated.Note: I do not have windows 10 OS anywhere as backup other that what came up with my laptop by default.

You can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to make a USB to clean install Windows.Windows will read the product activation key stored in the BIOS.You may need to install the drivers and software from the manufacturers support website.Create installation media for Windows … c3b507420dHow I Set Up a Clean LaptopHow to set up a laptop. Keeping a clean and simple desktopFormatting/Fresh Install:- I do the install in offline mode (without internet) so I don\’t have to log in with a Microsoft account.- I turn off Cortana, history and disable all the Microsoft fluff.Apps:- I remove every app I can except for Media Codecs (for video editing)- Don\’t remove Cortana, MS Store, or Windows defender with 3rd party apps. That\’ll break stuff.- I use to get an installer package. It\’s clean and free of malware/bloatare- I don\’t bother with 3rd party virus Apps. Most of them are awful.

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