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I\’ve got a 1TB hard drive that is low on space, so I wanted to replace it with a 4TB model.Although it\’s not a system drive, some startup/windows components do link to it like Dropbox and the relocated \”my documents\” folder.I was thinking I could just plug the drive in with the old 1TB connected, copy everything across, shut down and disconnect the 1TB… but then how do I get back up and running with the newer 4TB taking the old 1TB\’s drive letter?Also I don\’t THINK any files should be locked, but is there a better way to copy across the data?

To prevent locked files from being missed in a copy and paste process, you could take the drive out and do the copying on a different machine. An easier way would be to install a program like macrium reflect and use it to do the copying. The program can duplicate system drives, so it should have no problem with a data drive.

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