Best place to buy legit windows 7? Is this craigslist legit? – Forums

I\’m looking to buy a legit version of windows 7 ultimate or pro. Are there cheap ways to get a legitimate version?For example this guy is selling ultimate for $50 I asked \”What exactly are you selling here, where did you get these product codes from in the first place and how can you sell it for so cheap?\”He replied \”I have windows 7 licenses for sale. The code is from microsoft. I have both OEM and Retail licenses.I have direct access to microsoft software licenses, enabling to sell them at a discount.If u want to pay more for them, Im happy to increase the price to match my competitors.Thanks\”Is this legit?

Seems shady, and there are cheaper places, like Kinguin, I\’ve used it before (but for a game, not for Windows)Paul\’s hardware have a video about it: Should also work for Windows 7.

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