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Hey folks!So unfortunately I didn\’t take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 Professional. I however \”signed up\” to receive the free upgrade hopefully and it says I have to wait till the end of July to qualify or something like that. I was under the impression that in July, the upgrade is no longer free?I signed up for the free upgrade back in Jan or Feb. Why does it take it so long? Considering the amount of vulnerabilities out there for older version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, Server, etc.), I want to have Windows 10 as its supported and patches are sent out frequently to cover these flaws. I don\’t think Windows 7 has updates for various new types of flaws.A recent one that affects RDP is Blue Deep, and is almost as severe as Wanna Cry. Should I just suck it up and buy a copy of Windows 10 pro? Some posts few months ago, suggested to download a legit copy of Windows 10 Pro, and to use the serial key that we have for our copy of Windows 7. Any help would be beneficial here. Thanks

the free upgrade still work even if not publicized by Microsoft. If you have an activated windows 7, you can do it.

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