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They are always a single for each in my recollection, [of course the connectors were slightly different as the Headphones supported Left, Right, and return connections whereas the Mic only supported the signal and return], this system with the Dell tower is a specific issue due to Dell using a multi function port, [As used in Cell phones and games consoles], with these ports you have both Mic and Headphones in the same universal socket that needs a plug to have Left, Right, Mic Signal, and a return – There should be adaptors to convert this plug to the two older style sockets needed by the speaker system port extensionsEDIT – There are adaptors available3.5mm Audio Jack to Headphone and Microphone U Splitter Converter Adaptor : Electronics & PhotoShop for Aulola PC products at the Electronics & Photo store.

Would this be the one for me then?

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