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Decided not going to spend $1k+ anymore on Computers. My $2,500 5 year iMac sold for parts after the Logicboard failed. Anyways, I got the Asus e403sa today at the Source, used the $25 off eMail promotion. It\’s been 15 years since I used a Windows computer and my goodness I powered it up at 13:00 filled out of the BS and after 20 minutes I have to use my iPhone to post this since it\’s still updating or finish setting up. LOLThis will be used basically like a Tablet and organised my Library music and videos. Is there a reason to spend more on a highly spec computer? I\’m obsessed with it this is why I only buy flagship phones. The guys at the Source says unless I want a bigger HDD everything else doesn\’t make any difference for my usage. I paid $475 plus HST I\’m guessing I\’ll find anything better?Still waiting to use it… LOL 44%

I\’m kinda in the same boat as you…..Currently have an iMac and want to switch over to a laptop (fits the space better). I just don\’t see the value in a MacBook, when all I really need to do is a few Excel spreadsheets and a bit of surfing. I\’m think a Windows laptop for a few hundred would work great for this and can\’t really justify the MacBook cost. We use iPads and iPhones for most other things. I was a former Windows guy, but have not really used Windows 8 or 10 at all, so I\’m assuming there will be some learning curve.

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