Are Windows 10 semi-annual updates equal to reinstallation of an OS in terms of freshness? – Forums

You know how you used to reinstall OS before every once in a while to make it run great again? Do we still have to do that or are those updates that seem to reinstall the OS anyway do the job?

I don\’t think you really need to do it anymore. I used to do that up to Windows XP. I\’m not sure if it\’s because I have less time, because Win7 was better, or because SSD\’s make everything run smooth. I haven\’t felt the need to do fresh installs in quite some time. I go years between fresh installs now. Usually only done when I truly and utterly break something (By doing something stupid).I wouldn\’t count the biannual updates as a fresh install. A fresh install is always wiping the drive, and installing windows from scratch (preferably one that already includes all the updates).

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