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I\’ve not had any problems with windows 10 for quite a while until a few days ago it decided to update when I restarted the computer. After it restarted, the whole machine started acting strange and sluggish until the screen flickered a few times and then froze at the desktop until a BSOD occurred. I restarted and got back to the desktop until it froze again and BSOD again. Then that\’s when I got a BSOD bootloop with stop code 0xc000021a, which I checked and related to windows system files being corrupted and protecting itself from what it thinks is malware.I eventually got back up and running thanks due to being able to access the command prompt after booting into the windows automatic repair pe environment, and using robocopy to transfer my c: documents to another partition and using my existing recovery image through Aomei OneKey Recovery (amazing software) to get me back to a state a few versions back and not having to reinstall my apps, etc. Anyway, I don\’t eventually want to be in the same position.Is there any real effective way to block windows update from ever updating again?

Did u tryImage

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