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Hey, primarily using Linux/Android outside of my workstation and primarily using FOSS (aside Android, where many apps are proprietary…haven\’t switched to custom ROM\’s for daily driver yet but down the road I likely will).I used to use Wine on Linux for the odd app. Most of those apps were just trial and error. I held onto a fairly awesome offline dictionary app until I finally got into smartphones (where web based solutions seemed to have solved that need). With smartphones, I have internet access round the clock, so I no longer require an offline solution for information.I also don\’t have time for desktop gaming. I\’ll play the odd game on my phone, either natively or a console game via emulator. Don\’t need Windows games.I don\’t need MS Office nor Photoshop. I\’m fine with LibreOffice for office suite, and Gimp/Inkscape for graphic work. I actually prefer those apps, they\’re super snappy and I\’m now accustomed to their layouts. Don\’t need Windows apps for generic stuff like playing music, instant messaging or burn a CD.I no longer need IEs4Linux since even MS has ditched the old layout engine for their Edge browser completely, and I wouldn\’t doubt it if they ditched it for their desktop browser as well. Seriously, if a website only works in Internet Explorer, it\’s not going to do well given the mobile browsing market share.Just wondering whether there are any Windows apps that you guys will use at least a few times per year, and find it worthwhile to keep.

I am a FreeBSD user.The only Windows applications I really miss are Outlook and Excel. But Outlook is getting bloated and I\’m not really missing it anymore. I\’ve tried using Sheets (Google) and it works great, but it is not Excel.The only other thing I miss is the Opera Browser. They have a Linux version, but they stopped supporting FreeBSD.

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