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I\’m in the market for a new computer. I really want an all-in-one PC. I\’m tempted by these two right now. Best Buy has this HP Pavillion 27\” i5 which look s good for $1,199.00 … n/14925096Here\’s an i7 version with extra hard drive space for $1,499.99 … h/14586896Anyone find any other good deals on all-in-ones?

Definitely buying just for the form factor. I\’d check out the lenovo site and see if they have any AIO deals for their black friday sale. I just took a quick look and they have alot of choices below $1000. If you\’re really only using the computer for browsing the internet and office work, no need to spend that much.Edit: Lenovo site appears to have 12% Cashback from Rakuten right now

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