Any Core i3/i5/i7-7xxx series or later CPU is fine for all 4K streaming platforms on Windows right? *** i5-9500T ordered – Forums

I am thinking of buying a cheap micro or small form factor Windows 10 PC, mainly for work, but it\’d be nice if it supported 4K streaming as well. I got burned with my iMac purchase. When the i5/i7 7xxx Kaby Lake iMacs came out in 2017, I bought one thinking that Netflix 4K would eventually be supported, but it wasn\’t. The reason is their security seems to be based off Apple\’s T2 chip, not the Intel\’s chip. But in the end it was OK, as they didn\’t update the iMac again until 2019, which would have been too long for me to wait anyway. However, on the Windows side, any Intel Core iX-7xxx (Kaby Lake) or later CPU should be fine right? The reason I\’m not talking about current models is because I\’m thinking of getting an off-lease refurb, and the 7xxx and 8xxx models are finally now coming off their 3-year business leases.I don\’t need super fast performance, just dual video outputs including DisplayPort, as well as USB 3, WiFi, BT, and SSD. Current work machine is a 10-year old machine, now running Phenom II X6 1055T and SSD. Only has USB 2. (I tried adding USB 3 cards, but they gave me blue screens.)EDIT:Update: I\’ve ordered a Core i5-9500T micro system with USB-C, USB 3, and dual DisplayPort.

I assume you plan on using the on board video?Kaby Lake would be the minimum I would go. It supports 4k HEVC. Skylake only supports 1080p HEVC

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