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So I started having this trouble probably 2 years ago or so… Just randomly Windows Explorer forgets how to function and dies on me. The computer works, but explorer just goes all wonky… or in some cases it\’s as small as my mouse cursor goes all wonky. Here\’s a picture so that you can see what I\’m talking about. ImageI didn\’t obfuscate anything there… that is how it looks on my end. This was a problem in Windows 8.1….and continued to be a problem after upgrading to Windows 10. I have done countless installs, each time totally formatting the drive and reinstalling but nothing works. I got so upset with the situation that i built an entirely new computer.. \”Surely this will be the resolution to the problem\”, I naively thought to myself. NOPE! Even on my new computer it\’s giving me the same issue. I have reinstalled as recently as a few weeks ago for the anniversary update and even still… it\’s totally buggered. I have talked to Microsoft and they have been no help, telling me to do obvious basic troubleshooting steps like sfc scans and such. So I turn to you… a shopping forum. I am hoping someone here is a mastermind that can tell me exactly why this might be happening!

Define entirely new? Specifically, did you install the same GPU…?

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