AdDuplex Windows 10 and Windows 11 Report for November 2021

Windows 10 21H2 enters the market as Windows 11 upgrades continue.

Windows 10, 11 OS Worldwide (PCs)

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There are two Windows versions named 21H2 on the market now. One is from the Windows 10 branch while the other is Windows 11. The Windows 10 variant is already on 3.7% of modern PCs, and Windows 11 has grown to 8.6% since last month.

Around 60,000 Windows 10, 11 PCs were surveyed.

Windows 10, 11 OS Worldwide History (PCs)

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This is the first time in modern history when an "older" version of the OS (Windows 10 21H2) enters the market later than a newer one (Windows 11 21H2).

Note: we don\’t have the data for the initial rollout of the first update to Windows 10 (1511, also known as Threshold 2). So it\’s a straight line from 0 to the first data point we have on August 22nd, 2016.

Source: AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics reports

Interesting discrepancy of numbers:

Windows 11 adoption nears 9%, but businesses are waiting | Computerworld

"It\’s been nearly two months since Microsoft launched Windows 11. System survey data, released by AdDuplex yesterday, showed Windows 11 adoption at 8.9% (with .03% of that figure attributed to Windows Insider program users).

Two weeks ago, IT asset management company Lansweeper pegged Windows 11 adoption at only 0.21% of PC users involved in its own software-based survey."

"Lansweeper gleans its Windows adoption data from more than 10 million devices running on business and home networks. AdDuplex bases its data on about 60,000 Windows 10 or 11 PCs running its monitoring software."

I\’d tend to believe Lansweeper with the larger sample set and no monitoring software bias.

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