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I\’m looking for something so far very difficult to find and that maybe doesn\’t even exist. I want a single bluetooth type speaker that has a USB audio input function so you can run a USB cable from a PC into the speaker and get better audio than via bluetooth or 3.5mm analog input. I have found a few speakers with that feature already, but…they have separate volume controls for the speaker and PC. I want 1 global volume control, so when you push the volume buttons on the speaker, it controls the PC\’s volume, and vice versa. I simply hate 2 volume controls and since most phones and speakers now have synchronized volume via bluetooth, it\’s weird I can\’t find a speaker that will do this via USB audio input. I thought the Sony SRS-HG1 would do it, but after emailing them they said yes it does USB audio, but with separate volumes for speaker and PC. The Creative Roar2 also won\’t do it.The B&W MM1 and JBL Pebbles will do it but they are separate left right speakers. I\’m after a low profile single stereo speaker to sit on the front of my laptop and give me much better audio than the internal speakers, via wired USB audio and with 1 global volume control. If anyone know of such a device please reply, much appreciated, thanks!

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